The career path for many creatives is rarely straightforward; with many twists and turns bringing colour, knowledge and growth to the experience. This was very much the case for me starting by learning about both the fashion and interiors industries from the ground up, guided and taught by generous, talented and celebrated mentors in both fields.

This lead me to the world of advertising, where I developed fresh skills in design and art direction, alongside being given the priceless opportunity to not only work with some of the industry’s top photographic teams, but also to gain experience on an international level.

My early interest in cooking and a hands on approach to styling and producing beautiful images drew me into the emerging world of food photography. Working with a number of national print magazines and some of the leading book publishers has meant I have been able to collaborate with some of the finest talents in the business. I strive to bring notes of individuality and touches of inspiration to every project, often using unique props from my ever-growing personal collection; as well as regularly creating handmade backgrounds and surfaces.

So, I am grateful for these twists, turns and challenges over the years, which have brought me to a place where I can bring so many of my creative passions into play.